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First refugees from Ukraine arrive in Athens

Featured First refugees from Ukraine arrive in Athens

The regional governor of Attica and president of the Athens Medical Association Giorgos Patoulis, accompanied by a group of doctors and nurses, welcomed the first refugees from Ukraine, among them Greek expatriates, who arrived late Monday at the Athens district of Metaxourgio from Kiev, Odessa and Mariupol.

Specifically, the 120 refugees were tested for COVID-19, offered food, drinks and face masks. The option of staying in Athens hotels was offered to those who do not have somewhere to stay.

In the context of series of actions to support the Ukrainian people organised by the Attica Region in cooperation with the Athens Medical Association, doctors and humanitarian aid, including pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, will be sent to Ukraine based on the Ukrainian Consulate's directions.

"Today we welcomed our first brothers from Ukraine that arrived here due to the war in their country. The region of Attica and the Medical Association of Athens are here in Metaxourgio in order to welcome our brothers and sisters, Ukrainians and diaspora Greeks, in coordination with the Embassy of Ukraine to Greece", Patoulis said.