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Poll: New Democracy 10 points above SYRIZA

Featured Poll: New Democracy 10 points above SYRIZA

New Democracy records a difference of ten points from SYRIZA according to a new poll by Opinion Poll for the website tomanifesto.gr.

The poll shows an improvement in the indicators for the government and the prime minister, who appears to be dominant in the political scene and with a significant difference from the opponents in the suitability for the prime minister.

In addition, the president of PASOK - KINAL Nikos Androulakis leaves Alexis Tsipras in third place in terms of the popularity of political leaders.

In particular, Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Nikos Androulakis are ahead in popularity with 47.8% and 44.4% positive views respectively (51% and 43.1% negative views respectively). Alexis Tsipras follows with 30.9% positive views against 64.1% negative views.

KKE secretary general Dimitris Koutsoumbas gathers 29.9% positive views against 68.9% negative. In fifth and sixth place are K. Velopoulos and G. Varoufakis with 20.1% and 18.2% positive views against 74.7% and 76.9% negative views respectively.

Regarding the intention to vote, ND gathers 31.3% (percentage increased by 1.2% compared to the April poll), SYRIZA 21.8% (increased by 0.6%), PASOK-KINAL 12.7 (+ 0.1%), K. K.E 4.7% (+ 0.5%), the Hellenic Solution 5.4% (+ 0.4%) and the MERA25 2.6% (-0.3%).

In the intention to vote weighed on valid votes, the percentages are: ND 32.8%, SYRIZA 22.9%, PASOK-KINAL 13.3%, KKE 4.9%, Hellenic Solution 5.6%, MERA25, 2.7%.