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Greek unemployment fell to 12.2% in March

Featured Greek unemployment fell to 12.2% in March

The Greek unemployment rate eased to 12.2% of the workforce in March from 12.7% in February and 16.8% in March 2021, Hellenic Statistical Authority said on Wednesday.

More specifically, the number of unemployed people totaled 582,001 in March, down 21.2% from March 2021 and down 4.2% from February 2022. The unemployment rate among women was 15.8% (22.5% in March 2021) and among men it fell to 9.2% from 12.2%. In the 15-24 age group, the unemployment rate dropped to 26.4% from 40.7% in March last year, while in the 25-74 age group the unemployment rate fell to 11.5% from 15.5%, respectively.

The number of employed people totaled 4,187,657 in March, up 14.3% from March 2021 and up 0.4% from February 2022.