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Chania: Survey on the profile and the degree of satisfaction of foreign visitors in Crete

Featured Chania: Survey on the profile and the degree of satisfaction of foreign visitors in Crete

The Municipality of Chania and the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania have signed a program contract for the implementation of the project: "Investigation of foreign tourist profile of the Municipality of Chania, degree of satisfaction with the services offered, observance of health safety rules and prospects for extending the tourist season."

The research, as stated in the program contract, aims to investigate the consumer behavior of tourist visitors and their profile and to assess the degree of satisfaction of the foreign tourist who chooses the Municipality of Chania as a final destination during June-October 2022, gathering primary data from a large number of questionnaires from a structured sample of 3,500 visitors.

The research

The research, taking into account the structural changes brought to the tourism product by the pandemic, on the one hand will focus on the special conditions experienced by the planet and the consequent social and economic consequences and mainly on the factors that determined the choice of Chania as a tourist destination. specific consumption, their consumer habits, ways to extend the tourist season during the winter, the use of Social Media, but also their views on issues related to the implementation of appropriate measures to ensure the safety of visitors and their views for issues such as infrastructure (bike lanes, squares, parks, etc.) cleanliness, the availability of traditional quality agricultural products.

In addition, instead of the classic questionnaire and in the design of COVID-19 Safe Survey, a fully automated electronic questionnaire system will be used that will ensure the participation of foreign tourists using their personal devices (PC, Smartphone and Tablet) and avoid the use of printed questionnaires and pens. The choice of this possibility is announced to the visitors by a representative of the research that will be located at the departure doors of Chania airport, as well as with posters that will be present in the area.