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See the Ellinikon Park (video)

Featured See the Ellinikon Park (video)

Today, Lamda Development presented its design for the creation of The Ellinikon Park, the largest coastal park in Europe, which will be positioned in the heart of The Ellinikon. This is the company’s fifth consecutive online presentation about the projects of the iconic urban regeneration project of The Ellinikon, which will transform a unique area in the south of Athens into a world-class model city.

The world-renowned architectural firm Sasaki, which has designed and implemented some of the largest and most impressive urban parks in the world, in cooperation with the Greek architecture office Doxiadis+, are currently working on the design and the study for The Ellinikon Park.

“The Ellinikon Park is more than a large, green park. It is a new proposal that introduces a new way of life to Greece and the world; a proposal where nature, people and the most advanced applications of technology will co-exist harmoniously. The Ellinikon Park will be constructed and will operate solely with the investor’s funds and will be a park for everyone” said Mr. Odisseas Athanasiou, CEO of Lamda Development, during his presentation.

“The Ellinikon Park is a world class model park that will be the heart of The Ellinikon development. A contemporary park, in which every area will have its own distinct character, offering unique activities and experiences, also highlighting the rich cultural legacy and the modern image of Greece. A big part of the park will be ready until 2025 so that it becomes a part of the Greek people’s daily lives” added Ms. Melina Paizi, Chief Development and Investment Portfolio Officer of Lamda Development.

The presentation was facilitated by journalist Katerina Panagopoulou.

The areas of The Ellinikon Park

The Olympic Square will highlight the Olympic heritage, while the nearby amphitheater will host concerts and other events. At its highest point, a variety of open-air, sculpture and contemporary art exhibitions will be curated, with emphasis on works made by Greek artists. An area larger than Pedion tou Areos, will be filled with vine gardens, olive trees and fields, inviting guests on a discovery journey of the Greek agriculture. In the Saarinen area one can find the imposing main building of the Eastern Ellinikon International Airport, which was the gateway to Athens for decades. This modern monument will be given a new life as an exhibition and cultural centre. The Trachones stream is restored resulting in the rejuvenation of the local ecosystem and the transformation of the surrounding area. The remodeled kayak Lake, created for and used during the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, will offer spectacular views and countless opportunities for exploration. Lastly, an integral part of The Ellinikon Park is the Experience Park, in proximity to the three hangars of the Hellenic Air Force, which has already become the new destination for relaxation in the southern suburbs.

A “smart” park of the future

The Ellinikon Park will be the first “smart” park in Greece which will incorporate smart solutions for the visitors’ security, and the protection of the natural environment such as lighting systems whose intensity will be adjusted depending on the season and time of day, but also systems for continuous monitoring of surrounding conditions to reduce energy and water consumption. Lamda Development’s objective is for the smart infrastructures at the Ellinikon Park to serve as a model nationally and internationally.

Sustainability being the focus of the design

The Ellinikon Park was designed based on the sustainability principles and taking into account the biodiversity of the Attica region. The 1,000,000 new trees and plants that will be planted in the Park will enrich the existing vegetation that will be incorporated in the design. Through innovative, contemporary infrastructures, The Ellinikon Park will be able to cover its irrigation and electricity needs, completely offsetting its carbon footprint in its life cycle.

Lamda Development’s objective is to deliver, in the coming years, an urban park which will be one of a kind for Greece and worldwide, and for everyone to visit, enjoy and make part of their daily life.