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Patras child murder case: New indictment against mother for attempted murder

Featured Patras child murder case: New indictment against mother for attempted murder

The judicial procedure in the case of Roula Pispirigou, who is in custody pending trial for the murder of her first-born daughter Georgina, are moving along at a fast pace. A few days ago the two prosecutors Mr. Antonis Eleftherianos and Apostolos Andreou evaluatd the case file for the deaths of the other two children of Roula Pispirigou, little Malena and 6-month-old Irida, and proceed with their next decisive actions in the criminal case against the accused mother, Roula Pispirigou. Ms Pspirigou has been called for a supplementary deposition, tomorrow, for a second felony, that of attempted homicide against 9-year-old Georgina, which she allegedly committed about ten months before the murder of the child that has led her to prison.

Public prosecutor Giorgos Noulis, based on the evidence of the case file for the murder of her first-born daughter Georgina, brought additional criminal charges against Roula Pispirigou for the felony of attempted murder, of the same child, which left little Georgina quadriplegic.


The 18th regular investigator Christina Salappa, who is investigating this case and proceeded immediately to complete the investigation - in just two and a half months - has already launched for tomorrow morning the additional apology of the accused, who will be brought from Korydallos prisons to the courts of the former Evelpidon School.

Roula Pisparigou, according to her rights, can request a deadline in order for her and her lawyer to be informed about the new development of the case in order to prepare her defense against this new serious accusation against her.

According to the public prosecutor, the 33-year-old woman, a few months before administered the fatal dose of ketamine to her child, for which is already in the docket, had tried to kill Georgina again, leaving her quadriplegic, and in fact inside the Karamandanion Children's Hospital of Patras.

From the evaluation of doctors' testimony, it appears that little Georgina had been hospitalized, at the time, without any pathological findings.

According to information, the public prosecutor attributes the cardiac arrest, which little Georgina suffered in the hospital, to something her mother did, but the child did not die due to the immediate intervention of the doctors who saved the child's life. However, Georgina was left quadriplegic.