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How Greece encircled Turkey

Featured How Greece encircled Turkey

"Greece's alliances are not redefined and are not called into question every time Turkey attempts to normalize relations with a country with which Greece maintains strategic relations. The opposite is true. This can also work in our favor." This was stated by diplomatic sources, months ago, when Israel started to talk with Turkey, after many years.

The sources see that Athens is building on its alliances, trying to construct a reliable diplomatic wall. They pointed out that it is in the interest of Greece if its allies have relations with Turkey and stand against its actions that violate international law.

The message

This could be said to have been the message from the publication of a NAVTEX that earmarks areas south of Crete for an Israeli Navy exercise, from July 26 to August 5. The NAVTEX registers the areas through Greece and not Turkey, and these areas lie within the zones demarcated by the illegal Turkish-Libyan memorandum.

Waiting for Erdogan

This constitutes a message from Israel towards Turkey and in favor of international legitimacy. All the while the drilling rig "Abdul Hamid Han" - which has currently returned and remains anchored inside the port of Taşucu - is awaiting Erdogan's orders to set sail.

Close Greek - Israeli ties

Sources of the Ministry of National Defense emphasized that the partnerships that Athens has built, alongside Nicosia, within the framework of tripartite and multilateral schemes are particularly strong and are not in doubt. They also note that the channel of communication between the defense ministries of Greece and Israel is always open and the coordination between the two countries is permanent.

As in 2020

Greece also focused on these alliances in 2020 when the Oruc Reis research ship moved within areas of Greek sovereign rights attempting new faits accomplis in the context of Erdogan's Blue Homeland policy, as a reaction to the agreement signed by Greece - Cyprus and Israel for the East Med.

Greece is again turning to these alliances now with the aim of simultaneously shielding the Republic of Cyprus. Scenarios as to the voyage of the Turkish drilling rig expect it to operate probably in "plots" 6 or 4 of the Cypriot EEZ.

Benefits from German FM Baerbock' visit

In this context, Annalena Baerbok's statements were also important, mainly for the irritation they caused in Turkey. Despite the fact that perhaps the trade-off for the German Foreign Ministry was to leave out of statements the issue of the delivery of German submarines to Ankara, something to which Athens reacts strongly. Her statements were beneficial for Athens, as they made Çavuşoglu publicly pine for Merkel's past equidistance between Ankara and Athens, with Berlin now abandoning the policy of equal distances.

Diplomatic marathon

The diplomatic marathon of Athens at all levels is expected to continue, as the PM's Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National Defense remain vigilant and state that they are ready for any development.

Indicative is the reaction of Ankara, which, in the face of Athens' coordination with its allies, attempts to build a new narrative, starting with the demilitarization of the Aegean islands. Turkey wants to present Greece as a violator of international legitimacy, a country with "expansionist ambitions", which insists on "provoking" as Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar claimed in the attack he launched once again against Athens using Turkish state news agency Anadolu as his podium. He even showed maps to "explain" how Greece "expanded" from 1830 onwards at the expense of Turkey.

Greece is "encircling" Turkey

In the same context, reports in the Turkish press, as well as from the opposition, such as the Homeland party, under the opponent of the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the previous elections, Muharrem Ince, claim that Greece is trying to "encircle Turkey". The Turkish media's barbs are directed mainly against the US, targeting Washington's decision to develop a series of bases on Greek soil, something which also particularly annoys Turkey.

And developments are expected with Ankara's game against Greece and Cyprus with the drilling still being afoot...