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International festivals in Rhodes and Halki

Featured International festivals in Rhodes and Halki

The '15th International Rhodes Festival' and the 'Festival European Polyphony' will be held under the auspices of the Greek National Tourist Organisation (GNTO) on the island of Rhodes in September and October, respectively, while the organisation also financially supports the 1st International Music Festival on the island of Halki.

GNTO actively supports these three important international artistic events as part of its strategy for the continuous promotion of actions that strengthen the sustainable and multi-thematic tourism product in various regions of the country and at the same time help to extend the tourist season.

The 15th International Rhodes Festival will take place from September 7 to September 14 at the Palace of the Knights and the Ancient Conservatory.

Its events include the presentation of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's opera "Don Giovanni" co-produced by Teatro Grattacielo New York and the Camerata Bardi Vocal Academy of New York, an opera gala dedicated to the memory of Maria Callas on the 45th anniversary of her death with international opera singers from seven countries, including Greece and the Australian-French musical theatre production 'Sappho' by Wendy Beckett, (Australia) which recounts the life and work of the most important lyric poet of antiquity, Sappho.

The festival will end with a concert by the Greek composer, Stefanos Korkolis.

Its main objective is the promotion of cultural tourism, the upgrading of the island's cultural identity and the promotion of its historical monuments and cultural heritage.