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Corinth: Attempted gang rape of 14-year-old by five students - Two remanded in custody

Featured Corinth: Attempted gang rape of 14-year-old by five students - Two remanded in custody

Two of the five students, aged 13 to 15, who are accused of the attempted gang-rape of a 14-year-old girl in Corinth, were remanded in custody.

In particular, according to information from ERT, the pre-trial detention of the two students was decided with their consent by the investigator and the prosecutor of Corinth, after the marathon apology of the minors.

The other three students at home under restrictive conditions

The remaining three students have been released with restrictive conditions, which according to information will concern their appearance at the Police Department and perhaps a change of school environment.

The testimony of the five accused, which started yesterday (15/12) at around 12 noon, was interrupted at around one in the morning, while the interrogation continues today Friday (16/12), so the forensic examination as well as the examination of the witnesses are expected .

The girl in Corinth is in shock

According to the same information, the attack on the 14-year-old girl took place on school grounds and during school hours. The girl, who is shocked, was transferred to a structure in Athens to follow the procedures provided for the girl's testimony about what exactly happened. It is recalled that everything started after her mother's complaint to the authorities, so the tangle of the attack began to unravel.

They denied the charges

From the side of the advocates of the five accused students, who follow a common line of defense, according to the report, it is argued that the acts attributed to them have not been committed, the students were just playing with the fourteen-year-old and did not proceed with anything else.