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Turkey targets Greek islands and Cyprus gas field

Featured Turkey targets Greek islands and Cyprus gas field

Turkish officials, media and analysts in Ankara continue to rage out of control, targeting Greece again.

The annoyance of the Turks for Greece's moves to defend its rights is shown by the reactions of the neighboring country's media that convey the views of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

After the repeated "slaps in the face" received by Turkey for the inflammatory statements and threats against Greece, Turkish media and analysts proceeded with new provocations.

It is indicative that the visit of  the Hellenic Armed Forces Chief of Staff, Konstantinos Floros, to Kastellorizo, Karpathos, Ro and Gavdos, was treated by the Turkish media as aprovocatiom.

Cummuriyet reported that the Greek military chief provokes with his visit. "The Head of Greece's Staff visited the demilitarized islands and islands of disputed sovereignty".

Targeting Crete

At the same time, Turkish analysts target Crete, stating that "the extension of territorial waters to 12 miles in Crete will create problems", even noting that if this measure is implemented, Greece will have violated Libya's rights.

What Turkish analyst Abdullah Agar told CNNTuRK about the possibility of Greece expanding its territorial waters south of Crete is indicative.

"We absolutely consider the extension even for one meter beyond six miles as a violation of Turkey's sovereignty. In fact, it is a violation of sovereignty."

He emphasized that "From our point of view, this is a red line and Turkey has shown its will in the past."

Turks are asking for a share of plot 6

Besides, the new deposits that were identified in plot 6 of Cyprus seem to have whetted Erdogan's appetite.

Fatih Donmez, Minister of Energy emphasized that "both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the "TRNC" [as they call occupied Cyprus] and our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, made evaluations regarding the work done in this field. The 6th plot is outside Turkey's jurisdiction, but we would be wrong if we saw Cyprus as consisting of only one side" he pointed out provocatively to add.

"Everyone who lives on the island of Cyprus has the right to benefit from the resources. We consider that the transactions that take place when they ignore the other party are not fair," he said.

Rants and raves from Akar

Meanwhile, inflammatory statements and provocations by Turkish officials are ubiquitus.

The Turkish Minister of Defense called on Greece "to learn lessons from history without forgetting what it experienced in 1922", referring, what is known in Greece as the Asia Minor Disaster.

In fact, he tried once again to portray Greece as the bad neighbor and Turkey as the country devoted to peace.

"At a time when we are making efforts for regional and global peace and stability, unfortunately Greece continues its aggressive policies and provocative actions with rhetoric that incites instability," the Turkish Defense Minister said initially and continued in the same vein:

"Greece sacrifices the country's finances and the well-being of its citizens and causes new tensions every day by basing its political existence on aggression against Turkey."