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"Recharge": New app details charging points for electric vehicles in Greece

Featured "Recharge": New app details charging points for electric vehicles in Greece

Citizens have the ability to receive information about each electric vehicle charging point, such as the details of the manager, availability, the number of outlets and the type of charger, as of Monday, February 6, as the "reCharge" application was launched. This is the first comprehensive application for mobile devices (for Android and iOS) for electric mobility in Greece, which will greatly facilitate the users of electric vehicles.

The "reCharge" application is the new digital tool developed by the Ministries of Infrastructure and Transport and Digital Governance in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens and with funding from the Recovery and Resilience Fund. In particular, through the application, users have access to an interactive map, in which they can locate in real time the accessible charging points that are interconnected with the Register of Infrastructures and Market Operators of Electric Mobility (MYFAI).

In this way, "reCharge" constitutes an important step in achieving the strategic goal of the government and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, which is the promotion of electric mobility. In addition, it is another joint action of the two Ministries, within the framework of the strategy designed and implemented by the Ministers of Infrastructure and Transport, Kostas Karamanlis and Digital Governance, Kyriakos Pierrakakis.

Please note that the information contained in the application is already available at elektrokinisi.yme.gov.gr/public/ChargingPoints.

At the present time, the process of posting the data concerning the publicly accessible charging points on the interactive map by the market operators is in progress. For the orderly and timely information of the citizens, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport invites those interested to speed up the process of posting the charging data on the interactive map.

It is recalled that according to the current legislative framework, the operators of the electric mobility market must complete the posting of the data by the beginning of June 2023, while correspondingly the newly established operators are obliged to post the charging points within a month of the start of their activity. Thus, within the first half of 2023, all publicly accessible charging stations will be displayed on the interactive map that works on the platform and through the application.