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Athens Metro: The first subway of Line 4 starts from Katehaki

Featured Athens Metro: The first subway of Line 4 starts from Katehaki

The first subway tunnel boring machine of Line 4 of the Metro "will start its journey from Katehaki"

The Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Giorgos Karagiannis uploaded a video on Facebook with photos of the tunnel boring machine just before it started work in Athens.

As Mr. Karagiannis writes, this is "an important milestone as it will mark the start of the main construction project. One of the largest transport infrastructure projects in Europe that will serve an additional 340,000 passengers is being implemented in Athens."

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With the completion of construction of the first section, "Alsos Veikou - Goudi", 340,000 passengers will move on a daily basis, 53,000 cars will be "off" the roads and the distance Galatsi - Goudi will be covered in 17 minutes.

For the first section of Line 4 that will connect Alsos Veikou with Goudi, preliminary work is progressing, construction sites and shafts have been set up in stations, and the first metropod is already at the Katehaki construction site from where it will begin its underground journey in Athens according to the planning of Attiko Metro and the contracting consortium AVAX-GHELLA-ALSTOM.

It should be noted that 28 years ago, in 1994, from Katehaki, one of the two subway lines, which opened the first sections of Lines 2 and 3 of the Athens Metro, began works. The second tunnel boring machine, which will be transferred to the Veikou construction site, is expected to start its journey at the end of spring 2023.

The two new boring machines, one of which will dig from the Veikou Shaft and the other from the Katehaki Shaft, will "meet" and be dismantled at the Evangelismos Shaft, after having built 12.8 km of ready-made tunnel with 15 new underground stations. These are Alsos Veikou, Galatsi, Helikonos, Kypseli, Courts, Alexandras, Exarchia, Academias, Kolonaki, Evangelismos, Kaisariani, University Campus, Zografou, Ilisia, Goudi.