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Actions to attract young Greeks to maritime professions

Featured Actions to attract young Greeks to maritime professions

The Union of Greek Shipowners (UGS) is going to undertake new initiatives to attract young people to the maritime professions and to strengthen the ties of youth with shipping with the aim of defending and preserving the seafaring spirit of the Greeks.

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At the same time, UGS  is expected to implement a broad program to support public health by expanding the social contribution of the Greek fleet and making even closer the interconnection of shipping with the homeland.

The president of the Hellenic Shipowners' Association, Melina Travlos, recently announced the UGS's intention to implement an important scholarship program for young people. “It is with great pride that I inform you that in a few days the Union will officially announce the largest scholarship program in its history. In 2023, we will grant 100 postgraduate scholarships to young Greek men and women".

With this move, UGS seeks to place education, the most critical part of society, at the center of shipping's social contribution to the new generation. “We reward excellence, we honor positive role models, we shield our future. I want to thank each and every colleague who is participating in this program" added Ms. Travlos, speaking at the Union's general assembly.

Melina Travlos emphasized that the competitive advantage of Greek shipping is the people on its ships and in its companies.

The further development of our shipping requires a sufficiently trained and well-qualified human resource. Immediate interventions are needed before the situation becomes irreversible," he said, adding that "the modernization and transformation of maritime education is required, with the drawing up of a holistic national plan."


Given that there is also a shortage of seafarers internationally, Ms. Travlos emphasized that shipping and the state must converse "with our children in their language. To understand the strategic advantage of our shipping industry. To perceive the perspectives and qualitative characteristics of the maritime profession".

Finally, UGS is working on an integrated plan for a key offer in health, which will be added to what UGS is already implementing in this field. It is recalled that the UGS, through its social contribution branch SYN-ENOSIS, has offered, in recent years, over 80,000,000 euros for the implementation of actions in the fields of health, education, welfare, support for vulnerable groups, and crisis management.