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Greek tourism: Advance bookings point to new revenue record for 2023

Featured Greek tourism: Advance bookings point to new revenue record for 2023

The messages about the course of Greek tourism during the new tourist season, which starts at the end of March, are particularly positive.

Based on the pre-bookings so far, tourism agents are optimistic about even better results compared to 2022, which for many regions of the country is now a basis of comparison for the future, since they surpassed 2019 in arrivals and revenues.

As long as the course of demand for Greek tourist packages continues at the same pace, it is considered extremely possible that in 2023 the historical records achieved in 2019 in revenue and arrivals will be broken.

According to the president of the Panhellenic Federation of Hoteliers (POX) Grigoris Tassios, the first messages from the "early bookings" (first reservations) for the summer holidays of foreign visitors in Greece bring smiles of optimism.


In the past few days, the first big package of "early bookings" for the mass tourism model ended and already a very good flow of bookings for Greece is being observed, from the markets of England, Scandinavia and the Balkans, France and Italy.

Bookings from Germany and Poland are moving at lower speeds, while the dynamic US market expects the start of flights to Greece in March.

The next crucial date for summer bookings will be March 31, as then there will be a better picture of the summer season, says Mr. Tassios. In any case, Greece, barring the unexpected, will certainly have the same number of arrivals as in 2022, while optimism is widespread for even better economic results.

Regarding the prices of the tourist packages offered by the Greek hotels for 2023, they are increased by 10%, on average, a percentage that covers the price index equally, explains Mr. Tassios.

Focusing on the regions that surpassed even 2019, either in arrivals or in tourist revenues, the president of the Institute of Tourism Research and Forecasts and president of the hoteliers of Kos, Konstantina Svinou, points out that the data of first bookings show that the year it will move better from 2022.