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Anger in Ilioupolis for the 44-year-old coach child rapist

Featured Anger in Ilioupolis for the 44-year-old coach child rapist

There is anger in the neighborhood where the gym of the 44-year-old Tae Kwon Do coach in Ilioupolis is located, who, as it was revealed yesterday, raped at least five of his underage students in previous years.

Neighbors and people who knew him state that they were flabbergasted, as they did not realize that the gym where he trained had been turned into a "hell" for minor children and call on everyone who knows anything about the actions of the 44-year-old to not hesitate to speak .

It is noted that the 44-year-old martial arts coach is accused of repeatedly raping minors. In particular, the cases of the 44-year-old concern the time period from 2009 to 2020.

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Slogans painted outside the coach's gym

According to the information, the 44-year-old seems to have turned the mezzanine into his personal space, and when someone asked him why he was staying there, he seems to have said that he was doing it because he was having a hard time financially.

Immediately after the revelations, unknown people wrote slogans outside the Ilioupolis gym. "Two meters under the Earth for every child rapist", reads one of the slogans on the gym's window.

The criminal charges brought against him include offenses for serial rape, indecent abuse of minors, violation of personal data, supply and possession of drugs.