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Alexis Georgoulis: The case on lifting his immunity to be discussed in May - Accussers and supporters

Featured Alexis Georgoulis: The case on lifting his immunity to be discussed in May  - Accussers and supporters

The case of the now independent SYRIZA MEP Alexis Georgoulis, who is accused of rape and physical abuse, continues to cause turmoil in Athens and Brussels.

In order to be summoned before judicial authorities and receive the case file, his immunity will have to be lifted. The first step is likely to take place on May 8, with the placement of a competent rapporteur on the legal affairs committee of the European Parliament.

A closed committee meeting will then be scheduled, possibly on May 30. It is most likely that no further meeting will be needed for the decision that will be announced in the plenary session of the European Parliament, as there will be no counterargument.

After the immunity is lifted, there will be a hearing at the court level where Alexis Georgoulis will be on the bench facing the accusations of the complainant.

People are speaking – The complaints about abusive behavior

Alexis Georgoulis denies the accusations and has requested that his immunity be lifted with two letters to Roberta Metsola in which he asks her to contribute as much as she can to the acceleration of the procedures, in order to "clear" his name.

The complaint, however, opened Pandoras box, as it seems that people are speking up about other abusive behaviors of the MEP. Two other persons who worked in his office in previous years, allegedly reported him for abusive behavior.

These complaints, it should be noted, have not taken a legal form as was the case with the former employee of the European Parliament and current executive of the legal service of the Commission who reported Alexis Georgoulis for rape.

At the end of 2019, another woman addressed the competent bodies of the European Parliament to report abusive behavior by Georgoulis. The young woman a little over 20 years old, worked as an intern in Georgoulis' office.

At that time, she followed him in his activities and mainly in his interviews in Greek and foreign media, as the then SYRIZA MEP had assigned her the role of personal photographer. In her complaint, according to information, there was talk of workplace bullying, but also sexual harassment by the MEP.

Around the same time, the then head of the office of Alexis Georgoulis addressed the responsible office of the European Parliament, who also spoke of workplace bullying from the, then, newly minted politician at his workplace. He was the man who had recommended that the young lady to work with the office.

When Georgoulis paid lip service to metoo

In October 2021, he spoke on the MEGA channel on the Greek #MeToo movement stating that he was disturbed and trying to explain sexual violence as the imposition of the stronger on the weaker.

"The stronger imposes himself sexually on the weaker, and we must look at that," he had said.

What he said in this excerpt of the interview shown today for the first time, caused a sensation after the revelation that since the Spring of 2020 his name was with the Belgian authorities to investigate the complaints against him by the lawyer of the Commission and a member of PASOK for rape and beating.

His colleagues are shocked

The very serious complaint of the 38-year-old lawyer has shocked the actor's colleagues.

“The Alexis I know has nothing to do with this whole thing. He is a very good boy, he has a good heart. I tried emotionally to keep a distance, because it is very difficult to keep distance from "your" people. I was trying to understand under what condition this man could become violent to anyone not just a woman. And there really isn't that.

Alexis doesn't even argue. The only reason I can fault him is that he's over-analytical and really likes dialogue in all relationships of all kinds. I have not seen him use violence in any form", Maria Solomou said, among other things.

She added: “I can't stomach this. On the one hand, I feel insulted by this, on the other hand, I want to keep my distance, and let justice do its job, and which has not had time... Alexis could not even hurt a fly. If there is a case that all this does not stand, let us give that case a chance as well. I am with the victim and if he has done this I will hang him upside down".

"There is evidence"

Actress, Christina Kouloubi, who acted with him in the series "West Suburbs Lover" in 2004, also commented on the case and took a stand.

"I felt very bad. We need people to have some boundaries. When these are brought down, it takes an ax," he initially stated to the Hello camera.

And she continued: “I'm afraid it's all true. I have heard that there is evidence, I condemn it with all my might. It is not possible not to have respect from person to person."

“We could all have been victims. Power many times and the feeling of "I am something" is a very bad thing. It is unacceptable. I feel a cry inside me saying: “Holy Mary… respect! It's not possible," she added angrily.

"If you are not a witness..."

Elisavet Moutafi also commented on the complaints against Alexis Georgoulis. The actress noted that they have not worked together. However, he made it clear that he is with the people who have been raped, either sexually or by behavior and stressed that "it is the job of the court to decide and punish the one who should be punished".

"We have not worked together with Alexis Georgoulis. But I want to say something because, since all this happened and shocked us all, I have a very specific opinion on this matter. And I have her from the beginning," he said.

And he emphasized: "If you are not a witness or a victim, I think you have no reason to come out and speak. Say what? There is no opinion. When a person is raped, either romantically or behaviorally, you are with them and there is no opinion in it. It is the job of the court to decide and punish the one who should be punished. So there is no discussion on the subject."

"He paid with his indecent behavior"

Dimitris Piatas was also a "river". "I think the whole art scene has been taken aback. I don't know Alexis personally, he was a rising leading man who out of nowhere found himself in a political role. He paid for this nowhere with his indecent behavior,” he said.

He also said: "I hope that in Belgium Justice works. There is no smoke without a fire. I consider any abusive behavior against any gender to be reprehensible."

"I'm noone's lawyer"

Finally, Natalia Germanou, who is a "friend" of Alexis Georgoulis, made it clear on her show: "There is no friendship when a person is hurt. And in our case right now there is a complaint from a serious girl. Against a man whom I have certainly brought on the show, of course I liked him and I like him until proven otherwise."

"I don't have to defend anyone, I'm not obliged, I'm not anyone's lawyer. Nor was I Petros Filippides' lawyer, who I had hosted as well. Nor Dimitris Lignadis, who I had also hosted, even if I had glorified him in the broadcasts. Nobody! We are all on the same boat, we all work on TV. These people come, we hug them, kiss them... Today one person, tomorrow another. In a year we will hear about others that we hosted last year... Again somenone will upload pictures and say 'look at at what you did'", she added.

Ands he concluded: "We are doing a job, we are hosting actors, singers, presenters. We are not in their pants, nor inside their mind, nor inside their house. When the time comes for them to be accused, that is when we must show our sobriety. And believe me, we will try and succeed in being worthy of your trust this time as well. We, however, you know, as a show and I personally are not with our friends, we are with the truth".