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Sudan: Second C-27 transport with rescued Greeks arrives today

Featured Sudan: Second C-27 transport with rescued Greeks arrives today

Today at 4 pm the arrival of the second C-27 aircraft carrying Greeks, who were rescued from Sudan, is expected at Tanagra airport.

The C-27 has already taken off from Aswan airport and is heading to Aqaba, Jordan.

Meanwhile, freed Greeks from Sudan arrived at the military airport of Elefsina yesterday Tuesday with the C-27 transport aircraft of the Air Force. There were 17 people on board the aircraft (13 Greeks, 4 other spouses of Greek nationals), including three children and an injured person who underwent leg surgery.

Meanwhile, according to a new announcement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, another thirteen people, Greeks and members of their families, were released from Sudan and arrived late last night on German aircraft flights, in Amman, Jordan.

Among those freed is the Most Reverend Metropolitan of Nubia, His Eminence Paraskevas.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias, has expressed his warm thanks to his German counterpart, Annalena Baerbock, for the assistance provided by her country in the efforts to free Greeks and their family members from Sudan.

The process and actions for the release of our compatriots and their family members from Sudan continue in close coordination with our EU partners and allies.