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Greek police release the details of 8 people accused of homicide and arson

Featured Greek police release the details of 8 people accused of homicide and arson

The Police released the identity information and photographs of eight male members of a criminal organization, allegedly involved in cases of murder, attempted murder and cases of explosions and arson.

Specifically, they are accused of participating in the following cases:

-in the murder of a citizen and the shooting injury of two of his relatives, on 04-25-2022 in Skourta Boeotia,

- in the homicide of two citizens, on 06-07-2023 in Korydallos,

-in the attempted murder of a citizen, on 07-03-2023 in a rural area in Platanodasos Svorono, Pieria,

- the burning of vehicles in the parking lot of a gas station on 10-06-2023 in Aspropyrgos, premises belonging to companies of the family of the first citizen victim, and

- the arson in an industrial warehouse on 16-06-2023, where machines related to the manufacture of tobacco products were destroyed.

In particular, these are:

-AZOIDI Savva of Thomas and Inessa, born on 11-10-1985 in Georgia,

-KIURDOV Demetrius of Spartacus and Elvisa, born on 16-03-1983 in Georgia,

-SENGEROV Dimitrios of EfstathioS and Marina, born on 22-03-1990 in Russia,

- TEACHER Dimitrios of Eleftherios and Eudoxia, born on 03-12-2003 in Thessaloniki,

-PAJO XHONATAN of JETNOF or JETNOR and NEXHMIE or NEXHMIJE, born on 01-08-1998 in Albania,

-EMINIDES Elias of Lamazi and Karine, born on 20-09-1995 in Georgia,

- SOFIANOV Leonidas of Alexios and Alexandra, born on 25-01-1983 in Uzbekistan and

-PHYLOPOULOS Theodoros of PolychroniS and Evdokia, born on 11-05-1979 in Uzbekistan.

As emphasized in the announcement, "this disclosure, in accordance with the relevant Prosecutor's Order, aims to execute arrest warrants, protect society and facilitate the realization of the state's claim for the hell of the criminal acts committed and in order to investigate new cases criminal acts in which they are involved, but also that the investigations to identify the unknown perpetrators - their accomplices - should be successful.

In this context, citizens are requested to contact the telephone numbers 10414 and 1014, to provide any relevant information. It is noted that the confidentiality of the communication is absolutely ensured, as well as the anonymity of the person calling (caller identification is not possible)."

It is pointed out that this publication lasts until 08-30-2024 at 18:00, according to the Prosecutor's Order. Beyond this time limit, the retention and/or reproduction of the disclosure of the above data is not permitted and is against the law.