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Greek Elections 2023: Mitsotakis sees inflation as a lingering problem

Featured Greek Elections 2023: Mitsotakis sees inflation as a lingering problem

High prices remain the biggest problem that Greek society has to face,as New Democracy president Kyriakos Mitsotakis emphasized during an interview on the Mega channel, Monday morning.

"We have not yet faced the problem", he emphasized, adding that this is being dealt with in three ways: With benefits, with better controls on the market and better wages.

Regarding the investment grade, he emphasized that "it will give us more breathing space and reduce lending rates. Banks must also respond. Everyone is judged and everyone is scrutinized.

At the same time, Mr. Mitsotakis asked the small and medium entrepreneurs to enter the Development Bank's website, while he added: "For the funds, more than 50 billion bilateral arrangements have been made. We have the extrajudicial mechanism, we have pressured the banks to accept the proposals. We can take other steps for the benefit of all. No one has an incentive to put a house up for auction. I believe that competition in the banking system and greater transparency in procurement can further reduce the cost of transactions with banks."

Social politics
Regarding social policy, he mentioned that for the first time we have programs specifically for single-parent families that have the possibility of free housing. "Yesterday at the inauguration of the new Parliament there was a homeless man, who is no longer homeless. Someone dealt with these people. Issues of family support will be critical. How will we increase nurseries and make sure they are not just child parking lots. The expansion of all-day care, the nurseries in 120 businesses, the "nannies" of the neighborhood. I am very aware of the issues of bullying. Global challenge. I attach great importance. More psychologists in schools. How will we teach primary school children to accept and tolerate diversity", he added.

He also referred to the 36,000 interactive whiteboards in schools. "We are talking about a school that will not emphasize memorization. Very important steps are being taken in public education. I was in Krya Vrysi during the election campaign. There is a model vocational high school there. It gives them access to a high school degree that they can do other things with and it opens up another path for them. If I have a child with a teacher on an island, we have to do it," he stressed.

I am asking for a strong mandate for a stable government

Kyriakos Mitsotakis referred to the results of the May 21 elections and emphasized that the citizens gave us a strong mandate.

"If there was no scope of simple proportionality we would have a strong government. They trust us to make things better. This was the point of reference in the pre-election period."

Mr. Mitsotakis underlined that what was done with the result was unprecedented, a result - as he said - that fills us with even greater responsibility for the next day.

The president of the ND party was asked if there were signs of arrogance in the government during the 4 years. "Obviously in four years there will be arrogance and mistakes that we must always acknowledge," he noted.

Attack on SYRIZA

Mr. Mitsotakis also mentioned SYRIZA. "Our political opponents did not understand anything that happened last Sunday.

We are hearing the same nonsense again, that we will privatize water," he stressed.

Barbs against Androulakis

"Shallowness and emptiness were defeated at the polls. PASOK's speech is wooden. I did not burn the bridges with Androulakis. He himself said that he does not want me as prime minister at all and that even if New Democracy has 149 MPs, he will not cooperate."

Do we or do we not want stability after the polls? he wondered and added.

"In the elections we don't vote for the opposition but for the government."

I don't care what happens in the Center Left

Regarding the "war" in the space of the Center-Left, he said that it does not concern him. "I want to explain to those who did not vote for us again what we want to do. I believe that our program has not been sufficiently heard. To explain to them why they can trust New Democracy".

About the violence of minors

Regarding the issues related to the violence of minors, he stated that "I know very well how sensitive the issues of bullying are".

He even spoke about the need to have more psychologists in schools.

Elections in Turkey

Regarding T. Erdogan's victory, he said that he will call him today to congratulate him and express his wish for the improvement in Greek-Turkish relations to continue. "I have no illusions. In any case, as long as the Greek people trust me and I represent the country at the NATO summit, I will seek a meeting with Mr. Erdogan. It is really important that for many months we had reduced activity in the Aegean. We have met many times. It will also be an opportunity to set the framework. We have a difference, the demarcation of the sea zones and the continental shelf," he added.


Asked about TikTok, he replied: "I have children who are 25, 24 and 19 out of 20. I understand the way the new generation communicates. I don't have the app on my phone. I can use this tool to respond to young people and their language. We show who we really are. If someone feels like they need to poke fun at themselves now and then, it's a good tool. You haven't seen anything yet."

However, he added that "TikTok is good, but there is no substitute for a handshake. Tomorrow I will go to Crete. It is an opportunity to thank my fellow citizens for what has been done and to ask them to do even better in the elections", and he continued: "There are certain rules to endure the pre-election period. You don't drink and you don't eat."

Mount Athos

Finally, he mentioned that he will also go to Mount Athos on Sunday and Monday, while regarding the Archbishop's statement he said that it was self-explanatory. "True patriots are judged by deeds and not by words. The church stayed, stays and must stay away from any partisan confrontation", he added.