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Metron Analysis poll: ND above 40%, SYRIZA falling below 20%

Featured Metron Analysis poll: ND above 40%, SYRIZA falling below 20%

Results of a latest opinion poll, unveiled on Thursday, shows a sufficient majority for incumbent New Democracy (ND) to form a new government, all ahead of a June 25 general election, which comes a little more than a month after a first ballot on May 21.

The opinion poll, conducted by the Metron Analysis firm and presented on the prime-time newscast of Mega Channel, also shows the up-until-recently main opposition SYRIZA party falling below 20 percent.

Just as interesting is the finding showing seven political parties entering Greece’s 300-deputy Parliament, up from the six parties in the previous legislature’s composition.

Based on the results, the leftist Plefsi Eleftherias party, founded and headed by former Parliament president Zoe Konstantopoulou, and a right-of-center and faith-based party, Nike, appear as exceeding the 3-percent threshold (in the general vote, of valid ballots) needed for Parliament representation.

The opinion poll was conducted between May 25 and May 30 on a nationwide sample of 1,202 respondents.

Specifically, center-right ND is shown as preferred by 35.8 percent of respondents, compared to leftist SYRIZA’s 16.7 percent. The former received 40.8 percent in the May 21 election; 20.1 percent was garnered by the latter.

In an extrapolation of the results, Metron Analysis gives ND a figure of above 41 percent; 19.1 percent for SYRIZA and 11.7 percent for socialist PASOK.