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Mykonos New shutdowns on strip club and café for tax dereliction

Featured Mykonos New shutdowns on strip club and café for tax dereliction

Two more cases of tax evasion in Mykonos were detected by the Independent Public Revenue Authority-AADE

After the lockdown imposed on a well-known night club restaurant, the coordinated raid of AADE inspectors on the island of the winds found two more businesses, which were found to be... negligent in implementing the prescribed procedures.


A well-known night club (strip club) had not sent 266 documents (invoices and receipts), with a net value of 15,000 euros, to e-send.
A cafe restaurant in the island's capital had not forwarded 141 receipts, with a net value of 2,750 euros.

Both businesses were fined as prescribed, as well as locked up for 48 hours.

At the same time, the auditors are going through the books of the companies, to see if there are any other violations in this year or even in previous years.


It is recalled that a few days ago the demolition of a section of urban planning illegalities began on Psarou beach in Mykonos, after the corresponding cases in Panormos and Myrsini.

In the Nammos operation, any illegalities that have been detected are being demolished voluntarily, with the Ministry of Environment and Energy asking the Syros Town Planning Agency to lift the stop work order so that removal work can continue.

At the same time, it is worth noting that with a letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Decentralized Administration of the Aegean - as responsible for demolitions on the coast - the two main buildings of 520 sq m and 39 sq m were excluded from the demolition for the time being.

Turning a new page

"Regardless of the legal and technical arguments questioning the correctness of the findings of the Demolition Protocol and regardless of the procedural possibilities that the law provides us, NAMMOS, as one of the leading international names in high-level catering and entertainment, has decided to demonstrate compliance with the decision of the administration, underlining our conscious position that we must participate in practice in the new page of Mykonian tourism, as it is being formed, based on the conditions and rules established by the Greek state" explains Nammos in a statement. "With the responsibility of 25 years of essential participation in making Mykonos an iconic global tourist destination, we feel the need to jointly undertake the compliance and self-regulation initiative with important factors of Mykonian tourism, which unfortunately was not possible due to the responsibility of all of us" the business notes.