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Samos: Top quality destination this year for many international media

Featured Samos: Top quality destination this year for many international media

There are more and more international publications highlighting Samos as the ultimate destination for quality vacations in 2023. The well-known American travel website, Traveling Lifestyle places Samos, and especially the charming Kokkari, at the top of Greece's "hidden gems" for 2023

Along the same lines, the popular German website Infranke.de highlights Samos at the top of its list of "five secret tips", for travel pleasures in Greece. According to the tribute, "Greece is a country with many impressive archaeological and historical masterpieces. Pythagorιον is a representative example. The island inspires with its lush vegetation and offers an exciting setting with paradisiacal coasts, enchanting mountain landscapes, olive groves and vineyards. Samos ideally combines culture with nature."

The impact of the destination in the British media is also noteworthy. The second place among the 25 best Greek islands is occupied by Samos, in the new list published by British Glamour. The magazine highlights the impressive variety of different experiences one can have in Samos from quiet beaches to mountains with breathtaking views, intense nightlife in Vathi, wine tasting and unique cave experiences to explore such as the Pythagoras Cave. At the same time, the British newspaper Observer included Samos in the 13 quality islands of Greece far from the "radar" of mass tourism. In particular, the international newspaper calls Samos a "wonderland", full of green pine forests, wonderful beaches and wine that makes the muses sing. Special mention is made of Heraion, recognized together with Pythagorion by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, while the whole island resembles a painting with touches of green and blue and paths that "weave" through vines, olive groves and mountains, a endless quaint path.

Impressive perspectives of Eastern Samos

"The response of international media and special interest groups to the call of professionals and the Municipality to explore the different aspects of the destination, confirm the impressive prospects of Eastern Samos on the international tourist "map". "After all, the actions we are implementing are moving in this direction," said the Deputy Mayor of Tourism of the Municipality of Eastern Samos, Despina Kaila. It is noted that in the previous period, on the initiative of the Municipality of Eastern Samos, targeted contacts with journalists and travel agents at international tourism exhibitions, a special presentation of the destination with a focus on gastronomy abroad and the development of websites with an emphasis on activities and local cuisine were preceded.