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Body of missing Polish woman Anastasia-Patricia Rubinska found on isle of Kos; suspect in custody on abduction charge

Featured Body of missing Polish woman Anastasia-Patricia Rubinska found on isle of Kos; suspect in custody on abduction charge

The body of a missing 27-year-old Polish woman was found on Sunday afternoon on the northern part of the Dodecanese Island of Kos, roughly two to three kilometers from the residence of the main suspect in her disappearance and within walking distance from where her cell phone was recovered.

The woman, Anastasia-Patricia Rubinska, had been missing since the evening of June 12, and was last seen outside a mini market in the Marmari region of the popular holiday island. Her body was reportedly found nude and covered by a sheet at a site known as Alykes.

Greek Police have already arrested a foreign national, an unnamed 32-year-old Bangladeshi man, on charges of abduction in relation to the case. He is allegedly the last person to admit seeing the missing woman.

The case has attracted international attention and heightened media scrutiny in Greece. A massive search effort and police investigation has been underway on the island.

Initially, five men, including the suspect in custody, were detained. The latter admitted to meeting the woman outside the mini market. They claimed she was intoxicated and they offered her to take her to her room until she felt better.

Four of the five, from Bangladesh and Pakistan, were subsequently released.

However, the man in custody claimed he took the missing woman to his residence, where they had sexual intercourse, later dropping her off at a certain spot. Nevertheless, surveillance footage failed to confirm his claims of dropping off the woman at the spot. DNA of the victim was recovered in the suspect’s residence.

Rubinska’s disappearance was reported to authorities by her 28-year-old partner, also a Polish national. Authorities have recovered the woman’s cell phone – found by a passerby on a remote road – without the SIM card inside.

Even more ominous, according to authorities, is the fact that the suspect in custody had purchased an airline ticket to depart the island and travel abroad, reportedly to Italy. Given that no arrests were made for illegal entry or residence in the country, the suspect and the other four individuals initially detained probably have valid work and residency permits.