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The chef who cooked on Obama's cruise to the Greek islands

Featured The chef who cooked on Obama's cruise to the Greek islands

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have been in Greece for the last week.

Barack Obama will meet today 105 scholars of the Obama Leaders program and tomorrow Thursday is his scheduled speech at the SNFCC with the president of the Andreas Drakopoulos Foundation.

The Obama couple's trip to Greece
However, in the previous days Barack Obama and his wife were in Antiparos, guests of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, from where they also made excursions to nearby islands.

On one of these luxury yacht trips, the Obamas and the Hanks invited an Italian chef, Luca Furini, to cook for them. Having obviously enjoyed his excellent dishes, they thanked him at the end with a note which the chef posted on his Instagram.

“Thank you for the wonderful days on your beautiful boat. We are grateful," Michelle Obama wrote in the note. Barack Obama, in turn, thanked for "this wonderful trip" and declared "especially grateful for the hospitality". "Happiness," wrote Tom Hanks. "Thank you, we had a great time," wrote Malia Obama.

Who is chef Luca Furini who cooked for the Obamas in the Greek island

Luca Furini himself describes himself on his website as follows:

“I am in love with food, passionate and dedicated to food to discover new flavors and essence in people, with my creations.

I am a professional chef, I travel all over the world to learn new recipes, new cultures, flavors and traditional authentic recipes.

I spent two years in a Michelin star restaurant, I have ten years total experience and for the last one year I have been working as a private chef.

I like the direct contact with the customer, I can communicate with them and show them the steps to make amazing dishes. This is the main reason why I changed, and from restaurants, I now work as a private chef.

For me cooking is my whole life, it is the transformation of raw elements into fantastic and delicious products, something like Chemistry.

I went to catering school at a young age, after that I decided to continue studying by reading many books and practicing working in many restaurants where I went.

Role models in the kitchen are Bottura and Gualtiero Marchesi, two giants of Italian cuisine.

I put deep love into what I do, good taste and creativity, I combine unusual flavors to get amazing results."