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Kyriakos Mitsotakis pledges 10,000 new hirings in Health

Featured Kyriakos Mitsotakis pledges 10,000 new hirings in Health

The president of New Democracy initially noted that: "Self-reliance has not been ensured. I see the bottom line. Not the upper limit."

"My goal until the last day is to convince citizens to come to the ballot box and not abandon the ballot box for the sake of the beach" since the result is not certain, he stressed.

"The ballot box is empty, the result of May 21 is not counted, it must be refilled by the citizens," he noted.

"We ask for a safe and functional self-reliance, we don't necessarily need anything more. I would not like a majority of one MP. We had 156 deputies, we want a percentage that will allow us to implement our program. We are the only ones who can implement a program", emphasized the New Democracy president.

"I don't want there to be signs of arrogance, we haven't had such phenomena, the greater the mandate of the people, the greater the responsibility, the more we have to put ourselves to work," noted Mr. Mitsotakis.

On the new term

"The next government will be a government of work and results", he pointed out.

"The rotation in the cabinet means that some may sit on the bench and some from the bench may play main roles. But there are no permanent ministers. I try to be very grounded, although I have an obligation to be prepared," he emphasized.

"Our first bill will concern the updating of the organization of the state and the second will concern the legislative imprinting of our central economic initiatives, which may have been passed before the holidays or right after," said Mr. Mitsotakis.

On the NHS

Kyriakos Mitsotakis was asked about New Democracy's positions on Health and committed to 10,000 recruitments in the National Health Service.

"Incidents regularly enter the emergency rooms to get priority in the operating rooms. We will no longer tolerate such phenomena. We will apply strict meritocracy and continuous evaluation. We will have to deal with the operating room lists immediately. We will have to deal with the operating room lists immediately. If we need to buy services for the citizen to have a free service, we will do it. We will lease helicopter services with six bases from abroad," said Mr. Mitsotakis.

"We have already earmarked 500 million more" for civil servants.

On Rodopi and Greek-Turkish relations

Mr. Mitsotakis made a new attack on SYRIZA regarding the two MPs in Thrace who he said were taking orders from the Turkish consulate, while he noted that he would speak about the matter with Recep Tayyip Erdogan and tell him that the Turkish consulate must not interfere in Greece's internal affairs.

"People are dangerous or simply irrelevant, let's not talk about these issues... Listening to George Tsipras [SYRIZA MP and cousin of party president Alexis Tsipras] was like listening to Erdogan," said Mr. Mitsotakis.

"I think that we will probably have a period of calm. Turkey has avoided provocations in the Aegean. We can go into an environment of de-escalation without having solved our central difference", noted Kyriakos Mitsotakis regarding Greek-Turkish relations.

On the election campaign

Kyriakos Mitsotakis spoke about his continued use of TikTok in this election campaign and emphasized that it has helped him to communicate with young people. "I like humor, I have the ability to troll myself," said Mr. Mitsotakis characteristically. "Young people know if something is honest," he emphasized about how each video is made on this particular platform.

The New Democracy president emphasized that TikTok will not be closed after Monday since it will be used for direct communication with citizens.

The vision for the next four years

"There should be a real convergence in incomes and a reduction in inequalities", is the vision of Kyriakos Mitsotakis if he wins these elections and completes eight years. "Greece should become a normal European country", he characteristically said.