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Wildfires in Greece: Magnesia is burning

Featured Wildfires in Greece: Magnesia is burning

Nightmarish moments were experienced by the residents of areas of Magnesia in the evening due to the large fire that broke out which is still burning uncontrollably.

The fiery front has taken on large dimensions and is currently moving towards Almyros. In fact, earlier, Warning messages for preparedness were sent by the Civil Protection to the residents of the areas of Pefkakia, Alykes, Ag. Georgios and Nea Aghialos.

Shortly before 5 am, a 112 warning message was sent to the residents of the wider area of Anchialos to evacuate settlements.

According to the instructions of the general secretariat of civil protection, the evacuation of the settlements of Chrysis Aktis Panagia, Kritharia, Marathos and Velanidia was ordered.

The police announced a temporary stop and diversion of all vehicle traffic due to a fire in areas of the municipality of Riga Feraios.

In the evening hours, a battle was fought to save the houses in Milissatika and Sesklo.

On the other fronts, the picture is better in Lamia, in Tithorea Fthiotida, while the flare-ups continue in Rhodes.

The tragic death toll so far is five, as three people died in the fires while we mourn the two Canadair pilots.