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Rehabilitation plan for Greek regions with European funding

Featured Rehabilitation plan for Greek regions with European funding

Decisions on the restitution of the Evros after the great fires are taken by the government with a claim for European funding, while a package of measures in two directions, on the one hand to support the primary sector and on the other hand to restore the natural environment, will be announced by Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Friday.

The government is looking for solutions – immediate and medium-term actions – in the region that has been severely tested by the fires and has mobilized local bodies and scientists (especially for the forest of Dadia) for its "day after".

After Parnitha and Rhodes, the Prime Minister will tour Evros before he is in Thessaloniki in view of the international exhibition and after a government echelon under Minister of State Makis Voridis visited Alexandroupolis, aiming at a double message: that Evros and the region of Eastern Macedonia as a whole – Thrace (of note, had the second largest population decrease of 7.6% after Western Macedonia) is a political priority for the government and that interventions for "sustainable development" will be launched.

Mitsotakis' aside "I will be personally with them, so that they can remain on their land", during the meeting with the President of the Republic, is typical.

On the occasion of Katerina Sakellaropoulou's report on her recent visit to Slovenia after the sweeping floods, the Prime Minister pointed out that the country received - "not negligible" - support from the European Union and that Athens will claim corresponding support in the first phase for the Evros .

"For the producers, the workers of the land, the beekeepers, the breeders" as he said, speaking of Europe's obligation "in the context of the review of the budgets to support civil protection and the restoration of damages".

The regional governor Christos Metios has asked the vice-president of Margaritis Schina for the European Commission's contribution to the restoration of the forest of Dadia.

Relief for fire victims

For businesses and households, the state aid framework has been activated, while for the primary sector, the planning includes, among other things, the following: completion of the livestock registration by September and payment by October, facilities for fire victims included in programs (young farmers etc. .etc.), a credit of 3 million for animal feed for three months etc.

Admitting that on the front of the fires "as a result we did not do as well as we wanted", Mitsotakis reiterated that the climate crisis concerns the present but also appealed to the citizens "to obey the orders of Civil Protection" as the bad weather Daniel .

After all, he was also at the Ministry of Climate Crisis for an on-the-spot briefing. "Perhaps we have such a significant change due to the climate crisis that I no longer know if we will have seasons to distinguish. What precedes, of course, is the organization of the state apparatus in the best possible way, strategic planning and for the restoration of the areas, planning for the future.

The task is very heavy, but we all have to do everything we can", emphasized the President of the Republic.

And Mitsotakis spoke of "designing" a more resilient state, as he is expected to do in detail at the end of the week from the TIF. "The citizens' bar is getting higher and higher because the phenomena oblige us to adapt to more extreme aspects of the climate crisis," he said, calling for the mobilization of society and the state at all levels.