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Firefighting forces continue to battle the fire in Evros

Featured Firefighting forces continue to battle the fire in Evros

The Fire Brigade continues to battle the blaze in Evros for 14th consecutive day on Friday as all night they tried to save the town of Soufli and intercept the course of the fire.

As it was known by the Fire Brigade, the fire is now burning between Yiannouli and Kornofolias and the danger for Soufli and Protoklissi appears to have been avoided.

Last night a message was sent by the emergency number 112 to the residents of Soufli to be on alert and to follow the authorities instructions as the flames approached the town.

129 fire engines with a 586-member crew, 16 teams of firefighters on foot assisted by 6 firefighting aircraft and 2 helicopters are operating on Friday in the area.

A total of 32 new forest fires broke out on Thursday while the firefighting forces were battling the blaze in 68 fires throughout the country

Firefighting forces continue to operate in Parnitha mostly near Fili Fortress.

It is noted that the European Civil Protection Mechnanism provides assistance with firefighting forces from France, Germany, Spain, Cyprus, Romania, The Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia as well as from Serbia and Serbia via an agreement between the countries.

Additonally, the fires at Tsikraki, Farsala has been contained while the condition with the fire in Korona Kilkis is better.

Under partial control have been set the fires in Aspropoulia, Messinia and Geraki, Ilia.