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Le Figaro: The Greek island-model against hypertourism

Featured Le Figaro: The Greek island-model against hypertourism

The French "Le Figaro" presents its own position on the current international issue of hypertourism in its recent tribute to the heavenly Skopelos.

Starting with the title "Skopelos, when Mamma Mia "imagines" reality", the columnist who visited the destination at the invitation of the Municipality, focuses on the phenomenon of how the dreamy island of the Sporades gained great recognition due to the filming of the timeless musical, but it never lost its authenticity.

As it is characteristically stated, "Skopelos is above all an island in shades of blue and green, which remains an "oasis" of freshness, traditions and celebration, without the excesses of hyper-tourism. Mamma Mia belongs to the category of films that win the bet with time for different reasons, as the music of Abba and the idyllic setting of Skopelos created an XXL hit! Since then, the reputation of Skopelos has taken off, but without succumbing to the excesses of Santorini and Mykonos".

The "solid" identity of the local community, the culture, the timeless traditions and the initiatives taken by locals, agencies and the Municipality have contributed to this - the article continues. In fact, in addition to agricultural tourism, artistic tourism is also flourishing on the island. Ceramics, folk arts and the perpetuation of rebetika music make Skopelos unique.

"Skopelos is the island of Mamma Mia for the simple reason that it maintains its original energy and spontaneity, without being commercialized. The visitor can enjoy an excellent quality of service at good prices and at the same time feel like a "protagonist" in his own Mamma Mia in an exotic environment, as seen in the movie", said the President of the Tourism Committee of the Municipality of Skopelos, Ioanna Efstathiou .