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Mykonos: Police officers were paid 12 euros an hour to guard private villas

Featured Mykonos: Police officers were paid 12 euros an hour to guard private villas

Three policemen provided security services to private villas in Mykonos, even during their shift hours at the police station, which was revealed by an investigation by the Directorate of Internal Affairs, which followed them for at least three months.

The three police officers, specifically a deputy constable and two probationary constables, who had been assigned to the island for the tourist season, were immediately arrested this morning, in Athens and in Mykonos. Also for three other constables it emerged from the monitoring of those arrested that they do the same work and are included in the case file formed by the "corrupt" members of EL.AS.

According to police sources, the defendants offered security services to the private individual, in violation of their duties, at a fee of 10-12 euros per hour.

The phone conversations "burned" them

As it became known from the Police, the surveillances yielded evidence and telephone conversations that "burn" all six police officers.

In particular, as pointed out by internal affairs, it emerged that the deputy constable and the two cadets who were arrested, in the last three months, provided security services in private houses on the island, having specific roles and defined shifts, which in some cases coincided with their working hours, thereby obtaining an illegal financial benefit.

In the investigations carried out, 1,700 euros and 50 tablets of a specific active substance were found in their possession and were confiscated. According to police sources, these are anabolic steroids used by one of them, which is why the case filed against them concerns - as the case may be - the offenses of dereliction of duty, of the legislation regulating issues of private companies providing security services and private investigation offices, but and the legislation for amateur and professional sports.

Investigations are ongoing.