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Dead body recovered from fuselage of fallen helicopter

Featured Dead body recovered from fuselage of fallen helicopter

The dead body of a man was recovered on Friday from the fuselage of the private helicopter, which had crashed into the sea off the coast of North Evia on Thursday morning.

The helicopter was found by divers at the bottom of the sea near Achladi Beach, at a depth of 52 metres. Meanwhile, coast guard vessels were continuing their search at the crash site.

According to the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA), the Agusta A-109 private helicopter had taken off from Afidnes on Thursday morning, with the pilot informing air traffic control that he would land in Mantoudi, Evia. The helicopter landed in Mantoudi at 9:00 and then took off again at 10:13, at which point its radar signal was lost. The pilot was the only person declared in the flight plans but sources said that a search has been launched for two people.

The reasons for the crash have yet to be clarified. According to eye witness accounts, it had been flying at a very low altitude and suddenly crashed into the sea with great force, a small distance from the shore.