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Benefits: 352 million euros to 2.3 million Greek citizens for Christmas

Featured Benefits: 352 million euros to 2.3 million Greek citizens for Christmas

The Minister of Finance, Kostis Hatzidakis, and Deputy Minister Thanos Petralias specified the emergency aid announced by the Prime Minister and which vulnerable households will receive in December.

As Mr. Hatzidakis mentioned, the number of citizens who will benefit from the social solidarity allowance that will be given in December is 2.3 million citizens.

"The economy has overperformed and this has a positive reflection on the budget which, as can be seen from the data, has been exceeded despite the difficulties and so we can now say with considerable confidence that at the end of the year we will reach the target for a primary surplus of 1.1 % of the GDP as foreseen in the medium-term program and we will have money left over which will be above the goal that has been set", emphasized the minister.

"Therefore, the government returns this surplus to society. This year's surplus will be 352 million euros this year, which will be given to our economically weaker fellow citizens at Christmas," said Mr. Hatzidakis.

Who will receive the allowance

As the minister said, it is estimated that this surplus will be 352 million euros which will be given at Christmas.


1.5 tranche of child benefit (125 million euros and 800 thousand beneficiaries). For every 100 euros that a parent receives now in December, he will receive an additional 150. That is, if he receives 100 euros in December, he will receive 250 euros. A family with four children and an income of 10-15,000 euros. Today they get 168 euros a month. In December they will get an additional 252 euros or a total of 420 euros.
50% of the monthly installment of the minimum guaranteed income (24 million and 210 thousand beneficiaries). They will also get an 8% increase.

Support for the disabled with benefits of 45 million euros and 225 thousand beneficiaries. The aid is 200 euros.

Additional support for pensioners who have no personal difference or have minimal (under 10 euros). These are main pensions under 700 euros and uninsured senior citizens. The aid is 150 euros and the cost is 158 million. The beneficiaries are 1.055 million. These pensioners will also get an increase of about 3% from January. For example, a pensioner with a main pension of 600 euros will get a 3% increase and a total of 216 euros per year. If the 150 euros are included, he will receive a total of 366 euros. Thus, the pension increase is essentially 5.1%.