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Police rounds up ATM robbers, among them rap singer

Featured Police rounds up ATM robbers, among them rap singer

Greek police dismantled a gang that had vandalized ATMs throughout the country since last February, whose members - acting absolutely professionally and with a plan - had managed to extract a total of 710,000 euros.

According to what has become known so far, the three members of the ring, aged 26, 27 and 28, stole vehicles and headed to provincial towns, locating ATMs located in remote areas and outside banks - in order to have more money - and with the use of a metal cutting wheel and explosives they broke into ATMs in order to obtain significant financial benefits.

In fact, with the explosions they did not hesitate to endanger the lives of the people who were in charge of guarding the said ATMs.

During the robberies they committed, they took every possible means to avoid being identified or leaving DNA evidence.

Since last February they had committed at least 10 ATM burglaries, making off with at least 710,000 euros.

Among those arrested is a well-known rapper, who had engaged the authorities again in the past, for a similar reason. In fact, it is alleged that the amounts they were withdrawing were laundered by investments in the music industry (video clip) and through gambling.

The arrested rapper was arrested again in 2021 with four other people again for ATM burglaries, carrying heavy weapons (Kalashnikovs), and was sent to prison for 1.5 years.