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Salamis Femicide - "She didn't deserve to live"

Featured Salamis Femicide - "She didn't deserve to live"

The 71-year-old man arrested in Keratsini for the femicide of his 43-year-old partner in Salamina, the mother of one child, was given a deadline to give a depositionon Friday, December 8, by the Piraeus Prosecutor's Office.

When he was brought to the Prosecutor's Office, he was cynical and speechless, while, according to information, he allegedly claimed in his statement to the police that he killed the unfortunate woman due to sexual jealousy.

The victim's sister spoke on television and said that neither she nor her mother had imagined that such a tragic development would happen. "We would have mobilized earlier with my mother and we would have done everything to get her even out of Salamis. Let's take her to a friend's house," he said.

According to her, "there was no jealousy. They had known each other for seven years, and from what my sister said it was not a matter of jealousy. It was that the man got comfortable next to a girl - let's say - unable to face him, then he didn't let go of anything. And when the case came to an end, because he was not working, he was sitting, my sister reacted. That's where the whole issue arose."

“On the Friday when my sister was first abused, she notified us immediately. My mother ran after getting the Police twice to go too, because she lived in a secluded location and she was afraid of my mother going alone. The people said, according to my mother and my sister, that they don't have a police car and that she should go from there and report it herself. My mom explained to them that she has a minor child with special needs, and everything happened in front of the child's eyes, and the answer was the same," continued the sister of the unfortunate Georgia.

The testimony of the 71-year-old woman killer in Salamis is shocking: "She didn't deserve to live, I was determined to do it"
As she explained, on Friday her sister was "beaten on the legs" and finally their mother took her straight to the Police, however, she claimed, the officers told her to go the next day, which she did, and the incident was finally recorded.

Referring to her sister's child, she said with emotion: "I only think about this little child, who was with his mother all day together. If only he had a little bit of sensitivity in him and thought about who he was going to destroy, because he didn't just destroy my sister, he also destroyed this child" 43-year-old woman: "There was no jealousy, he wasn't working, my sister reacted and killed her"