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Dendias: Greek frigate to sail for the Red Sea

Featured Dendias: Greek frigate to sail for the Red Sea

National Defence Minister Nikos Dendias, in an interview with the Action24 TV late on Wednesday, pointed out the need for "the Armed Forces of our country to embrace the new doctrines, to understand the new lessons learnt (from the wars in Ukraine, Gaza and the Caucasus) and to adapt their policies accordingly.

"At a time when next to us, around us, everywhere, there is a revolution, how can we possibly just carry on with a set of rules that we had established many years ago?" he queried, adding: "We need to change the way we plan, perceive and prepare to react." At the same time, he expressed his certainty that the new leadership of the Greek Armed Forces will manage to implement this priority, which has a deadline in 2030.

Dendias stated that Greece will acquire the F-35 fighter jets, but also that "F-35s are not enough, there has to be a total change of landscape and perception."

The defence minister expressed his concern about the ongoing attacks, both in the Red Sea and in the wider region. He stated that a Greek frigate will sail for the Red Sea after it has been fully prepared and its role depends on the overall strength and assignment of roles. He reiterated that "it is not a frigate that is participating in a foreign mission. It is a frigate that is participating in the protection of our country's vital interests."