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Frigate "Hydra" casts off for mission to the Red Sea for the "ASPIDES" operation

Featured Frigate "Hydra" casts off for mission to the Red Sea for the "ASPIDES" operation

Shortly before 22:00 on Monday, the frigate "Hydra" set sail from the Salamis Naval Station, in order to participate in the "Aspides" operation in the Red Sea.

The frigate will first arrive at the Souda naval station in Crete, where it will stay for a few hours, and then begin its journey to join the European operation "Aspides".

The mission will last three months, participating in the protection of commercial ships, many of which are Greek-owned and pass through the Red Sea, often at risk of attacks by the Houthi rebels.

It is noted that yesterday Monday after a meeting under the Prime Minister, the Government Council on Defense and Foreign Affairs gave approval for the sailing of the "Hydra" frigate, which will participate in the "Shield" operation in the Red Sea

On Monday, the Minister of National Defense, Nikos Dendias, visited the  frigate at the Salamis Naval Station, shortly before it set sail.

Dendias: Historically, the Navy has not hidden in the face of challenges
"The participation of the frigate, together with Greece taking over the command of the operational headquarters, with a Greek Commander, primarily serves the national interests.
I have explained in detail the reasons for our participation and we all understand that participation in the business involves risks, significant risks. But our nation's Navy, with its high sense of duty and professionalism that distinguishes its officers, has historically not shied away from challenges.

Addressing the staff, he said: "By participating in Operation ASPIDES, you are not only promoting the Greek and European flags, but serving the pure national interest.
Greece's interest is to participate in the European Union's efforts to promote security, stability, and ultimately peace.
Greece's interest is to consolidate a strong defense arm of the European Union, and the SHIELDS operation in which you are participating, is the largest military operation that the European Union has organized in its history.
I assure you that our wishes and thoughts will accompany you throughout your mission.