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Citizen Protection Minister: We will not allow a revival of terrorism

Featured Citizen Protection Minister: We will not allow a revival of terrorism

Citizen Protection Minister Michalis Chryssochoidis, who was reappointed to his old portfolio in a mini-cabinet reshuffle in January, spoke of how he planned to restructure the police and its operational base to improve patrolling and response time, in an interview to Skai TV earlier on Sunday.

He also expressed his support to police officers, committing to a bonus for the motorcycle unit (Dias) and an effort to raise salaries for all police, while also revealing he will work closely with the new mayor of Athens to restrict criminal behavior in Athens. Among other issues, he said that the domestic violence units will be expanded to 52 police directorates throughout Greece, his ministry will promote the so-called panic button for women threatened with violence, and will work with all agencies to fight juvenile delinquency.

"These last few days, we quadrupled traffic police forces," Chryssochoidis said. "It's unacceptable that some people think roads serve as car racing tracks. There must be a comprehensive policy of safety in terms of traffic accidents, and right now the prime minister is coordinating a committee for road safety in Greece. Greece's top records in terms of bad driving behavior are a dark mark in Europe."

Acknowledging that the traffic congestion in Athens cannot be resolved by police alone, he said that it should nevertheless "do a better job at it - it can improve citizens' life. We have to be out on the streets. It is also necessary to have control and technology's help to confirm violations of the traffic code."

Chryssochoidis did not provide information on the bomb explosion at the Labor Ministry early on Saturday morning, but referred to terrorism saying, "We have lived through these things in the past. We must never experience them again. We will not allow this case to revive itself."