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PPA: The 5th Balkans & Black Sea Forum was held with great success

Featured PPA: The 5th Balkans & Black Sea Forum was held with great success

The premises of the Piraeus Port Authority hosted this year's 5th Balkans & Black Sea Forum (BBSF 2024), with the theme "Trading Arteries & Global Supply Chains at Stake", on Thursday 15 February 2024, during which the crucial role of the largest the country's port in trade and the global supply chain, as an important gateway to global shipping.

BBSF 2024, which promotes at an institutional and business level the cross-border, European and economic cooperation between the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Black Sea, was attended by personalities from the international community, diplomats, heads of international organizations and business executives .

Among the speakers at this year's forum was the Chinese Ambassador to Greece, Mr. Xiao Junzheng, while the opening of the work of the now established international institution was announced by the Deputy Minister of Economy & Finance, Mr. Nikos Papathanasis, who represented the Prime Minister at the conference.

 The 5th Balkans & Black Sea Forum was held with great success at the premises of the Piraeus Port Authority

The President of PPA SA, Yu Zenggang, after a warm welcome to the attendees, focused on the huge development that has taken place in the port of Piraeus in terms of infrastructure, digital transformation and green development. It stood in major projects, such as the significant extension to the car station that was recently inaugurated and is a significant upgrade in international transport, but also in the durability that PPA SA consistently demonstrates. in the changing conditions of the time. It is, as he pointed out, a resilience, which is confirmed by the historical records of economic performance that the company has repeatedly achieved in recent years and which is constantly being strengthened, thanks to the utilization of the synergies resulting from the relations between the countries of the wider region.


During his greeting, Mr. Yu Zenggang characteristically stated "The port of Piraeus plays a decisive role in the wider region of the Balkans and Southeast Europe as an important shipping, transport and trade gateway. It acts as a catalyst for cross-border connectivity, cooperation and development. However, there is still greater scope for cooperation, which deserves to be further exploited through stable, mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships. Our shared vision for the future should focus on green and innovative growth. We must ensure that the path to the future is done with respect for the environment and at the same time supports social well-being. The further development of our region should be a pillar of prosperity, stability and sustainability for today and future generations".<