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Exarchia: Dead fetus found thrown in the drain

Featured Exarchia: Dead fetus found thrown in the drain

The case with the dead fetus that was found yesterday, Monday (26/2) dead in a sewer in the center of Athens, specifically in Exarchia on Solonos Street, has caused shock and disgust in the Pan-Hellenic community.

Τhe fetus - approximately 5 months old - was spotted by an employee of a sanitation company at noon on Monday in the sewer network of the building where the offices of the NGO "Doctors Without Borders" are housed.

It all started when the plumber, working for a blocking company, saw through a camera in the drain something that referred to an infant and notified the police. A few hours later, at 18:30 in the afternoon, the employee of the company - after initially informing the NGO - went to the Exarchia Police Station and revealed the gruesome find to the police. In fact, according to police sources, he also had photos that confirmed his words .

The same information states how after the plumber was notified, doctors took the fetus and transferred it to a refrigerator.

According to information, many women go to a clinic in the area every day and, according to the information, a possible scenario is being considered that a pregnant woman miscarried and threw the fetus in the toilet.

However, at least so far, there is no information from the clinic or Doctors Without Borders about whether any women have come forward asking for help in the past.