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Terrorism: The alleged leader and members of the organization dismantled by Counter-Terrorism

Featured Terrorism: The alleged leader and members of the organization dismantled by Counter-Terrorism

The Anti-Terrorist operation concerns the dismantling of a terrorist organization with the involvement of at least 8 people who were wanted for their involvement in bombings.

The Anti-Terrorist operation focused on two penitentiaries and in areas of Attica where at least 10 house searches were carried out.

Incarcerated in prisons
According to the report of the police editor of the "Vima" and "Nea" newspapers, Vassilis Lambropoulos who spoke on the "Live News" show, most of the 8 are prisoners in Domokos and Larissa prisons.

A leading role in the case seems to be a 36-year-old anti-authoritarian, who has been a concern of the authorities for the last decade due to his participation in robberies and armed organizations.

Robberies and assaults
Specifically, as pointed out by Vassilis Lambropoulos, the 36-year-old appears to have participated in robberies twice in Athens and once in Thessaloniki. He has been a prisoner in Korydallos prisons and in other prisons in the country.

During his stay in the penitentiaries, he seems to have created a "network" of criminals and used them to carry out bombings recently..

Bombs and grenades
Among these attacks is the bomb that exploded a few weeks ago in a bank in Petralona. It is noted that the responsibility for the attack on this particular bank was claimed by a notice posted on a well-known website of the anti-authoritarian space by the "Vengeance Conspiracy" organization.

There was a previous bomb attack in the middle of last November on a construction company in Kifissia, which was also claimed by the same organization.

At the same time, the same people are allegedly responsible for grenade attacks on prison officials who had carried out checks on their cells.

As pointed out, the specific group does not seem to be related to the attempted bombing that took place at riot police barracks and the bombing that took place at the Ministry of Labour.

Vassilis Lambropoulos emphasized that the Anti-Terrorism investigation is very serious, because certain other parameters are being examined in other attacks that are more serious and with the risk of many deaths.