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International schools visit Lesvos

Featured International schools visit Lesvos

Four secondary schools, members of the International Schools Association (I.S.A.), will pay an educational visit to Lesvos, in the framework of the STEAM programme, with the cooperation of the Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest. The schools participating in the educational programme are A'ksent Suisse International School, St. Catherine's Moorlands School, Nika School and Italo Calvino School.

The educational visit aims to broaden students' intellectual horizons and cultivate intercultural appreciation. Through a collaborative platform, students will embark on an educational journey, aiming to explore the evolution of the concept of beauty. The title of the programme is "From Ancient Greece to Modern Greek Civilization in Lesvos."

"The educational programme is focused on the harmonisation of scientific research with the richness of history, art and cultural heritage. Each school participating in the educational programme has explored aspects of the topic through online meetings and lectures and study over the last six months in order to create an essay that delves into a specific aspect of the general topic," Elias Valiakos, responsible for the implementation of the educational programme and Pablo Flores, representative of the International Schools Association, said to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA-MPA).

During their stay in Lesvos, students and teachers will get to know landscapes of special natural beauty, natural monuments and areas that have inspired poets, writers, painters and other artists throughout time. They will also visit archaeological sites, monuments, museums as well as traditional settlements, cooperatives and local producers.