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Former Prince Nikolaos and Tatiana Announce Divorce After 14 Years of Marriage

Featured Former Prince Nikolaos and Tatiana Announce Divorce After 14 Years of Marriage

Prince Nikolaos, the son of Greece’s late king Constantine, and his wife Tatiana Blatnik have announced their decision to divorce after fourteen years of marriage.

The Private Office of the Greek Royal Family noted in an announcement posted on their website 19 April:

We wish to inform you of a significant and heartfelt decision made by TRH Prince Nikolaos and Princess Tatiana. After fourteen years of marriage, they have chosen to amicably dissolve their union. This decision was reached with great care and mutual respect, reflecting the depth of their appreciation for one another and the moments they have shared. Their future interactions will continue to be guided by these same principles of respect and understanding, as they transition into a relationship rooted in a strong friendship. They will continue to live and build their lives in Greece, a place they both call home. The Family will always support them.

We warmly thank you for your understanding and for respecting their privacy during this time.

Together for twenty years, the couple decided to part ways, closing a chapter that kicked off with a storybook wedding, drawing scores of international royalty on the tiny island of Spetses in 2010.

Known for his morning jobs and running of the former royal estates at Tatoi, north of Athens, Nikolaos devoted much of his time to his passion for photography, holding exhibitions in Greece and abroad. He also contributed to philanthropy as a Special Advisor to the Board of Axion Hellas, supporting vulnerable groups in remote island regions of Greece.

Tatiana Blatnik worked with charitable organisations like Elpida Youth and founded the mental health platform Breathe Hellas. Despite their shared commitment to social service, the couple often had separate schedules, with Tatiana travelling alone to international events.

For those close to the couple, the royal breakup has come as no surprise. The couple’s public appearances had dwindled in recent years, and last time they were seen together was the memorial for the former King..

Born in Caracas to a Slovenian businessman and a German mother from an aristocratic family, Tatiana Blatnik met Prince Nikolaos in 2003 in Gstaad. Their engagement was announced in 2009 by the former royal family. They announced their separation as they neared their 14th wedding anniversary.