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Elon Musk was dazzled by... Eleni Tsolaki - "A wonderful way to wake up in Greece," he commented

Featured Elon Musk was dazzled by... Eleni Tsolaki - "A wonderful way to wake up in Greece," he commented

Elon Musk is quite active on the X platform, which he owns, and writes comments on various posts.

Nothing has escaped Elon Musk's commentary, as he often refers to various topics and expresses his opinion in posts and comments he makes on the X platform (formerly Twitter).

Eleni Tsolaki's video commented by Elon Musk

Not even Eleni Tsolaki escaped the comments of the billionaire Elon Musk.

Musk appears to have watched a video from an earlier show, in which Eleni Tsolaki told the weather in a sharp, humorous way, and expressed his opinion about the presentation of the report.

Musk made the comment in a video posted by a user of the platform on April 19, which shows a weather report from Germany before the weather from the show "Happy Day" with Eleni Tsolaki, in a comparison that wants the Greeks more happy and fun.


Elon Musk's comment on Eleni Tsolaki's weather forecast

The post mentions how the German weather report is completely serious and cold, while the one presented by the Greek show is full of energy, dancing and shouting.

Elon Musk saw the video and wrote below: "Wow, this is a great way to wake up in Greece!"

Below, in the rest of the comments, many users seem to agree with Elon Musk, saying that if you wake up in Greece, your mood immediately improves.

"Greece is the best" someone writes, while another describes the video as "the other side of life".

"Yes, Greeks understand life," writes another user, and one urges Musk to move to Greece "forever."

"We need this in America...and everywhere!" mentions another comment.

Someone, however, is quick to write to Elon Musk that Eleni Tsolaki is married...

It is not the first time that Elon Musk refers to Greece in his post, as he recently talked about the demographics of the country.