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Kosmos leader slams government inaction against climate change

Featured Kosmos leader slams government inaction against climate change

Petros Kokkalis, leader of the newly-formed Kosmos party, has lashed out at Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis for what he called “a disparity” between his policy statements and actions on climate change.

The criticism came in the wake of comments made by Mitsotakis at “The JTI Foundation” conference, openly challenging with a series of questions.

“Why is the transition from fossil fuels so sluggish? Why are the restoration efforts for the ravaged ecosystems in Dadia and Thessaly stalled?

Why does Civil Protection remain underprepared, especially in light of its shortcomings in combating last summer’s wildfires?”

The new political party leader who is also vying for re-election in the upcoming European elections, also accused Mr. Mitsotakis of aligning with a faction of governments that are stalling the enactment of European laws essential for nature restoration—laws that are “crucial to addressing the climate crisis.”

Mr. Kokkalis brought attention to an initiative led by 11 European governments, with Ireland at the forefront, urging member states to ratify the nature restoration laws before Hungary assumes the EU Presidency.

He called on the Greek leader to participate in the initiative.

“Even now,” Mr. Kokkalis said, “align yourself with nature, and take your place on the right side of history.”