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Lamia: 63 cases of food poisoning from school lunches

Featured Lamia: 63 cases of food poisoning from school lunches

Food poisoning from meals distributed in schools in Lamia affected at least 63 students.

The students' parents went to the prosecutor, complaining that their children had vomited and had diarrhea after eating the spaghetti with minced meat they were given, with dozens of cases gradually being recorded.

"As soon as he ate the child, he folded in half from the pain"
"Every five minutes in our groups, we were informed about another case. The common denominator in all the incidents was the school lunch, since all the children who got sick had consumed the same food that was distributed at their school. We were then informed that the same was observed in other schools in the city, with children showing symptoms as soon as they ate their portions. From the very first incident, we informed the Principal of our School, who today made a record of the incidents and as he informed us, it is about 17 children" said the president of the Association of Parents and Guardians of the 7th Primary School shortly before entering the prosecutor's office Lamias Maria Zografou.

“As soon as the child ate the school lunch, he began to fold in half from the pain. Then the vomiting and diarrhea started. The child was being tortured, he told us that his head was numb. We went through a torture" describes the student's mother.

"We are talking about the number of children who showed symptoms of poisoning but we really don't know how many may have become ill. Most school lunches are not consumed by students. Parents distribute them to people in need of a plate of food or to the food pantries. From the beginning of the school year we had found that sometimes the meals smelled strange, did not look good and we had discussed it as an association and also the parents among themselves" pointed out, among others, the member of the Association of Parents and Guardians Giorgos Prappas.

Four people in the hospital - The registration of cases continues
According to lamianow, a total of four people were taken to Lamia Hospital with symptoms. The company that distributed the school meals is also expected to issue a statement on the matter.