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'Greece through the Art of the Tourist Poster' exhibition in Chengdu, China

Featured 'Greece through the Art of the Tourist Poster' exhibition in Chengdu, China

Millions of Chinese will have the opportunity to enjoy the Greece of tourism and culture by visiting the exhibition: "Greece through the Art of the Tourist Poster", which was inaugurated on Monday evening in the city of Chengdu, China, in a grand ceremony attended by the Ambassador of Greece to China Evgenios Kalpyris, the deputy director general of the Chengdu Foreign Affairs Bureau, Huang Tao, Chinese officials, foreign diplomats and a crowd of people.

As announced, the exhibition includes 55 tourism posters on the theme of Greece spanning almost an entire century, from the 1920s until the present day. These posters will then be displayed in three other central locations in the city of Chengdu, population 21 million. The exhibition was organised on the initiative and under the supervision of the Office of Public Diplomacy of the Embassy of Greece in China, with the cooperation of the Greek National Tourism Organisation (EOT) which provided the material.

"From the artistic depictions of the '20s to the contemporary lenses of the 21st century, through acrylic paints or photographic collages, in French, English or German, the main message of the posters designed by some of the most famous Greek artists, which were commissioned by the Hellenic Tourism Organisation, has remained constant for almost a hundred years, namely that 'Greece with its thousands of attractions invites you to visit and live a unrepeatable experience,'" Kalpyris said at the opening ceremony.

The exhibition is held in cooperation with Chengdu Municipality and other local authorities and will last at least one month. It consists of selected tourist posters from a period of about 100 years, starting with the first black and white tourist poster issued by the GNTO in the late 1920s, showing the Parthenon through the lens of photographer Nelly, and reaching the start of the 21st century. The Greek posters are expected to resonate with a very large audience, as the four points where they will be on show are visited daily by more than 100,000 Chinese.