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Kalamata Court cites lack of jurisdiction in 2023 migrant shipwreck case

Featured Kalamata Court cites lack of jurisdiction in 2023 migrant shipwreck case

A Greek court has dismissed charges against nine Egyptian nationals implicated in the 2023 migrant shipwreck tragedy in the Mediterranean, citing lack of jurisdiction.

The group, known as the ‘Pylos 9,’ aged between 21 and 37, faced serious accusations, including negligent homicide and human trafficking, after surviving the shipwreck that claimed hundreds of lives.

The court in Kalamata, southern Greece dismissed the case saying it had no authority to try it because it took place in international waters.

The case has been fraught with controversy, with allegations of a cover-up and questions about the Greek coast guard's role and the pursuit of justice.

Despite the court’s decision, the incident remains one of the Mediterranean’s deadliest maritime disasters, with conflicting reports on the death toll.

While some international investigations suggest over 600 fatalities, Greek authorities have confirmed 82 based on recovered bodies.

Human rights organizations continue to scrutinize the Hellenic Coast Guard’s actions, following the vessel for seven hours without intervening.

The ‘Pylos 9’ have maintained their innocence, asserting they were victims themselves, having paid for passage on the ill-fated Adriana.

The case’s dismissal underscores the complexities of jurisdictional issues in international waters and the ongoing challenges in addressing the humanitarian crisis of irregular migration.