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Renown lawyer facing charges for wife beating

Featured Renown lawyer facing charges for wife beating

Attorney Sofia Polyzogopoulou's description of her beating by her criminologist husband Apostolos Lytras has shocked Greek public opinion as the couple had been on the legal forefront against family violence and abuse of women..

Apostolos Lytras was released by an investigator and a prosecutor, but this decision will be reviewed after relevant intervention by the Supreme Court. And while the judicial development of the case is awaited, the well-known criminologist is officially facing possible disciplinary responsibilities, as the president of the Athens Bar Dimitris Vervesos yesterday proceeded to initiate disciplinary proceedings for violation of criminal law.

Meanwhile, shocking details in the 37-year-old lawyer's deposition came to light yesterday, who reportedly told her that she begged her husband Apostolos Lytras to stop beating her as she choked as her mouth was full. blood and felt like she was losing consciousness.

"I'm a mess physically and mentally, I couldn't do it anymore"
The 37-year-old lawyer spoke to Star TV yesterday, saying she was in shock.

"I'm in a bad state physically and mentally. I try to preserve my physical and physical health. Things have gone their way. I'm not well, how can I be well? It couldn't be done anymore", he characteristically said.

In her testimony she claimed that she was determined to denounce her husband for the incidents of domestic violence, which is why she spoke to the doctors and the Police.

In particular, the 37-year-old lawyer said in her testimony: "We entered the Euroclinic entrance together. I said I want to be seen by an ER doctor because I've hit my head. The doctor took me straight to the examination room alone and did not allow my husband to enter. A nurse came along. As soon as the nurse approached me, I immediately told her that my husband had hit me. That I am afraid of him too and I told the doctor. They told me they would notify the Police. As it actually happened."

Chilling descriptions: "He punched me in the face, took my mobile phone"
According to the testimony of the 37-year-old lawyer, the couple's fight started inside a store in Vouliagmeni, from where they hurriedly left, and as soon as they got into the car, everything started, as, as she testified, as soon as they got in, he punched her in the face. And continues - according to information - her description as follows:

“He started driving at breakneck speed and at a secluded part on the right side of the road where he had space he stopped the car and hit me in the face with his fists. It should be noted that all this time he had taken my mobile phone. The door was locked. I was screaming 'help' and begging him to stop while my face was full of blood and I was swallowing it and I felt like I was choking."

"I was begging him, my clothes were covered in blood"
"At one point I felt like I was losing consciousness. Apparently he saw me in this state and stopped. I begged him to take me to a hospital and give me my cell phone so that I could notify my sister or someone of mine. He wasn't responding to any of this even though I was telling him I was going to die because I was bleeding so much! Even my clothes were covered in blood."

“He drove me home. When I went inside with all the strength I had because I was very dizzy and very beaten, I told him I was going to wash. When I went up to the room to get the 'panic button' which is connected to the alarm and rings directly to the Police, he caught up with me and took it and kept holding my mobile phone.'

 As the 37-year-old testified, her husband was convinced to take her to the hospital because she assured him that she would lie to the doctors.