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Germany's "Die Linke" Says No to Wartime Loan Repayment

Germany's "The Left" (Die Linke) party has made a 180 degree turn by suddenly rejecting SYRIZA's demand for repayment of a forced loan extended to Nazi occupation forces during WWII.


"This is not the correct solution for facing the current crisis in Greece," was the statement made by party chairman Bernd Rixinger, on Saturday, to the online edition of financial daily "Handelsblatt."

"We are looking forward, not backward," he added, noting that in order to save Greece, what is needed is another policy based "not on the differences between Greeks and Germans, but between the rich and poor, throughout Europe."

The great scandal, the president of "Die Linke," continued was that "children in Greece go hungry, while millionaires and billionaires are not forced to pay a cent in taxes. They continue to sail the seas in the luxurious yachts, while workers and pensioners bleed."

When asked by a Greek journalist if he knew that as of late Mr. Tsipras had taken up the issue of repayment of the wartime loan, "Die Linke" spokesperson Hendrik Talheim said he knew nothing .Asked whether he considered it important that SYRIZA thought it a crucial issue, Mr Talheim ansewred: "It doesn't matter if we have different opinions on one issue."