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Golden Dawn MPs stripped of immunity

In parliament, on Thursday, the debate was for lifting immunity for three out of the total nine elected Golden Dawn members accused of criminal acts and the majority of the parliament's Ethics committee voted in favor.


Members of New Democracy, SYRIZA, Democratic Left and the Communist party voted for the motion, the Golden Dawn member voted against it and Independent Greeks representative registered his presence at the vote.

The conference was concluded with accused Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris' deposition. All accused MPs protested their innocence, claiming that the accusation has political motivation aimed at slowing down the party's rise in the polls. The remaining six Golden Dawn members' parliamentary immunity lift request will be discussed in the committee next Tuesday.

In the days leading to the vote, SYRIZA was debating the lift until the end, with some members stating that lifting immunity might be politically wrong. There is wide speculation there are no credible evidence for the indictment of three out of the nine members. There was even a thought for an objection to the lifting if the majority didn't agree for absentee votes from the incarcerated Golden Dawn MPs, so there is no distortion of the majority vote.

In the end, SYRIZA decided to go ahead with the vote, with no reservations. For the second vote concerning the remaining six Golden Dawn members next Tuesday, the members of the committee will be visiting those Golden Dawn MPs already in custody to hear them out, before taking their vote. The Korydalos jail will be specially configured to host the 10 committee members.